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Your Steady Partners in Financial Planning

At Himelick Financial Group, we do so much more than just investment and wealth management. Licensed in 20+ states, we understand your needs are unique and diverse. That's why you and your needs are the focus of our thorough, personalized financial planning process, which we view as a lifelong, multidimensional event with many interconnected and moving parts. Our process includes collaborating with your attorneys, tax preparers and other ancillary advisors in order to provide you with customized guidance on every front and to help ensure your holistic plan is supported in every key area.

You can count on our highly skilled team's extensive experience to guide you steadily through every life stage up to and throughout retirement. 

Protection for What's Vital

A sea turtle's shell is more than its home, it's a living bone and an example of 'exaptation'- the evolutionary process where a trait evolves for one function and is then co-opted to serve another. It started as a tool for digging, but became a suit of armor. This example allows us to see the degree of adaptability of these reptiles. It's the same characteristic we inspire through well-crafted financial plans for each of our clients.

Your Strategic Plan for a Winning Future

Your Strategic Plan for a Winning Future

Like the tortoise who ran his race steadily and focused on his path and his goal, we can work together to help you create, coordinate and execute a strategic plan that puts you on the path to winning your race. We pride ourselves on being a long-term partner and coach for you in your personal race, which is why many of our clients have been with us for over 20 years, even spanning multiple generations in many cases.

When you choose Himelick Financial Group, you can expect high-touch service, truly holistic financial planning and a highly personalized, strategic plan to help you mitigate risk, preserve your wealth, and pursue the life in retirement you desire. 

Our Core Values


We believe the sum is more valuable than its parts, so we equip our team to serve intently so clients get exceptional value from all our support. 


Clients can trust us to understand the various roles their investable assets play in their unique circumstances, and they can expect us to coordinate them artfully. 


We consistently provide high-touch, personalized communication so our clients can fully trust and understand their plan and its action steps. 


We're committed to being proactive in all we do to plan, execute and analyze the steady course best suited to help our clients pursue an enjoyable retirement. 

Find the Confidence to Enjoy Your Retirement

Find the Confidence to Enjoy Your Retirement

Life's journey is full of variables and unexpected turns which can make planning for retirement a significant challenge for most people. When should you retire? What kind of insurance and tax strategies are ideal for your situation? Are your investments on track to meet your goals within your timeline?

Beyond addressing common questions, we'll help you ask the right questions and find the answers to help set you on the course to living the kind of retirement you can enjoy. Imagine being confident, not only in your retirement situation, but also in the legacy you can leave for your family. Let's run this race – and win it – together. 

What Type of Investor are You?

Develop an investment portfolio that fits your unique needs. Start by completing our risk tolerance questionnaire regarding your financial goals, risk tolerance, financial sophistication and investment time horizon so our team of experienced advisors can gain a better understanding of your financial objectives. 

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Serving You, As Steadily as the Turtle

Serving You, As Steadily as the Turtle

For many, the turtle symbolizes a safe haven and demonstrates a quiet strength. Scientists have concluded that turtles have remained relatively unchanged for at least 150 million years. It seems that normal evolutionary stressors which affect virtually all species have had minimal impact on the turtle, but perhaps this is because the turtle is surprisingly adaptive and is already genetically equipped to weather the storms of change. 

As a child, you may have read Aesop's Fable of "The Tortoise and the Hare," in which the tortoise journeyed toward the finish line with a steady pace and sure footing, without regard to the hare who raced ahead early on. Our sense is that the turtle's symbology and this story have meaningful applications to both our clients' and the firms' success. We adapt to face the ever-changing landscape of the world of finance, and we steadily lead the way toward the goal ahead.

Our Services

We artfully coordinate the best-fit products and services for you and your personal circumstances. From accumulation, to income distribution strategies, wealth transfer strategies and much more, we're here to help you.

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Our Approach

We take a highly intentional and proactive approach to your financial planning and wealth management, helping you find a steady course toward your goals while avoiding common risks and roadblocks. 

Our Approach

Our Team

Here at Himelick Financial Group, our team of dedicated professionals has decades of experience and a track record of excellence. We are team-oriented and will always take a teamwork approach to serving you and putting your needs first. 

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